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Reclaiming Your Power

Therapy for those who are ready to make a comeback.

You are more than what you've been through.

Reclaiming Your Power, LLC. is a black-woman owned private therapy practice based out of Massachusetts. We are dedicated to treating and empowering trauma survivors who are ready to pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives.

Mom's Hug

Do you find yourself repeating negative patterns in relationships, feeling like you have no control over your life, or overall tired of feeling stuck? Do you ever reflect on your life and ask, “How did I even end up here?”  We are here for you.



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I truly enjoyed working with Dametres... She supported me through a traumatic event I'd recently experienced and also with a major transition that was on the horizon. She was always down-to-earth, warm, and affirmed my thoughts and feelings while also challenging me to shift my mindset when it was needed. Through our work together, I felt less afraid of what could go wrong and instead much more excited about what could go right. I continue to lean on some of the tools she gave me during our time working together and I'm incredibly grateful our paths crossed.

– N.H.

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What I loved most about my sessions with Dametres is that that she legitimately helped me. It was like talking to a thinking partner that gently prodded me to consider things that I said or did. She also helped me define what was acceptable thinking or not—which can be hard when you’re confused about a situation, but too deep in it to trust your own actions anymore. As a single, black, mother and professional female in corporate America, there were just too many interrelated topics for me to entrust to someone who couldn’t empathize with my station in life. It’s hard to strike the right environment to let one's guard down and find the space to be vulnerable. I really appreciated that Dametres did all of that for me in our sessions. She was helpful in breaking through some of the negative thought processes that I had created, and helped me with valuable tools that I have used many times over. We need more of this in our community.

– M.H.

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Reclaiming Your Power, LLC.

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