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Clinical Supervision

Reclaiming Your Power offers clinical supervision for clinicians in Massachusetts working toward independent licensure. We are able to supervise individuals seeking an LICSW as well as an LMHC. These services can be paid for by the individual or invoiced to the individual’s workplace. For more information please contact the office.

Coffee and Cookie Break

I'm so grateful to have had Dametres as a clinical supervisor. She has great ideas for interventions to try, especially from an IFS lens, and she has insights and resources on a range of client situations (such as having a high-needs sibling) that felt near-encyclopedic. On top of her clinical and supervisory skills, Dametres is funny, kind, and real, which makes her easy to talk to. She always left me feeling uplifted in the work that I was doing!

- D.S.

My first post-graduate position began days after the death of George Floyd. Apprehensive in my new role and how I might be perceived; Dametres worked with me to explore my thoughts, experiences and biases. Her candor and willingness to communicate openly and honestly created a supervisory relationship that has not only helped me thrive professionally but has also allowed me to show up in the world authentically. Dametres tailored our supervision to my needs as a clinician and as a woman on a career path, and she did so free of judgement or criticism. Learning from Dametres, being able to call on her to provide feedback and insights, has given me the confidence to pursue higher education, career advancement and advocacy opportunities. Most importantly, working with Dametres enhanced my self-care and allows me to be fully present for my clients. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to connect with her. 

- J.E.

Quality Time
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